Ibraheem Alinur

Director of Platform and Community
GoodLight Capital

Ibraheem Alinur is a Venture Fellow at DeepWork and supports the firm in the area of deal sourcing and strategic relationship development. He is also the founder and CEO of City Health Tech, a smart city startup with a focus on data driven population hygiene and disease prevention. His previous experiences include research in nanotechnology, development of strategy for a $300M organization focusing on digital manufacturing and city solutions, and serving as a project consultant for the Chicago Principals and Admin Association. He currently serves on the Board of Advisors for Northwestern's Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation.

Ibraheem graduated with his Bachelor's degree in Industrial Engineering from Northwestern University in 2020. He is a Gates Scholar, member of the Obama Foundation CLC, and was named 25 under 25 by both Culture Media and Chicago Inno.

Growing up low-income and as a first-generation American, Ibraheem is passionate about inclusion and diversity in entrepreneurship. He is a parent of two cats, along with his wife. They (he and his wife, not the cats) enjoy hiking, video games, and taking long drives to nowhere

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